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Favorite fly shop in Denver. All the guys working in there are extremely helpful and they always have plentiful gear AND gear for WOMEN! There is nothing more frustrating then going to a fly shop and they have 0 options for women. If you need something but cant find it online, call them and they can usually order it for you, put it online, or find something similar. Today was my second time doing so which is so convenient.

Sam Richarson

Oct 16, 2018

Took my 13 year old son out for a full day today with our guide Dan. We caught a bunch of fish and had a great time. This was the first time fly fishing for my son, and he loved it. Dan knew what to do and where to go. Great job! I highly recommend these guys. Thanks Touts Fly Fishing!!

Thomas Snyder

Jul 11, 2018

Everyone I've met at the shop is incredibly knowledgeable and always eager to help. I've also had a great experience with their guide service. I was incredibly impressed with Tucker (our guide for the day) with his attention to detail and especially with the measures he took to make sure every fish caught had the least amount of stress possible to ensure a good release.

Cody Norman

Jul 10, 2018

One of the best fly shops around. They carry anything thing you need, from rods and reels to fly tying materials. Good prices when you need something and good advance when you just need to know where to go and what to fish. Follow them for sales and events.

Charlie Mullens

Jun 19, 2018

Was having a hard time finding the right size waders locally and didn't have time before my trip to order online. Trouts were the only ones that had them in stock. The staff was super helpful and the wader that fit me the best had feet that were too big. They said no problem go on the trip then bring them back in and they would send them back to the manufacturer to have the socks replaced with the right size for me. Loved the new waders and will love them even more with the custom fit. Best Simms selection anywhere. Thanks Trouts!

Kevin Holman

Oct 26, 2017

Trouts, be it Denver with Tanner, or up in the mountains in Frisco, is a first-rate world-class fly shop. Mitchell and Will, our guides this weekend, were just an extension of the excellence this crew delivers. I can't speak highly enough about Will and Mitchell, who put our two groups in ,great water on a windy afternoon. These guys are legitimate professionals and know what they are doing. Patience, enthusiasm, tips, tricks, the occasional help with untangling, these guys are good. I have been fishing fly-fishing for a long time and I can't even list the things I learned from Mitchell today. Many thanks for a day I will not forget.

Charles B.

Jun 24, 2018

Incredible local shop with even better customer service. ALL the guys working the shop are always more than helpful with beta and bug selection. The staff is also incredible helpful answering all types of questions, and unlike some other fly shops they have always had time to answer my questions and some. Cannot speak highly enough of the customer service!! Great rewards program as well as happy hour discount on flies too. Thanks for all the help!!

Boo C.

Jul 24, 2018

Trout's provides what may be the best fly fishing experience in Denver. Everyone who works at Trout's is extremely knowledgeable on just about every fishable body of Water in Colorado. Upon entering the store you will be greeted by a great selection of flies allowing you to match the hatch every time you shop. Staff picks make it easy to pick a winner every time you enter the store. Make sure to stop by for happy hour to get a discount on your flies. It is easy to see why Trout's is a favorite for so many anglers in the Denver area. Keep up the great work!

Scott B.

Jun 3, 2017



In an age of .coms and big boxes, we at Trouts Fly Fishing believe that a positive customer experience is not just important, but that it's an absolute necessity. A visit to Trouts, or a day on the water with our guides, must be the most meaningful and memorable experience that we can curate. As such, we are thrilled to know that our customers are in fact receiving the level of experience and satisfaction that we are aiming to provide.

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