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Trouts Journal

100 WORDS OR LESS - from the Fly Fish Journal

Ivan Orsic / May 2, 2020

Will Rice, host of our new podcast The CURRENT, passed along this interesting piece from The Flyfish Journal. Check it out.



Someday, when the dust has settled, we’re likely going to sit back and realize that there was a “before” Corona, and there is an “after” Corona. In some ways they may be more or less the same, but we’d be willing to wager that in many ways the before and the after are going to be quite different.
One thing that probably won’t change much is the simple act of catching—or trying to catch—a fish. Here, for the sake of posterity are stories from The Flyfish Journal contributors about the last fish they caught before Corona upended our lives—all in (about) 100 Words or Less.

Words: Will Rice, Creator, writer & host of the Down the Path podcast

The last fish I caught ate Smethurst’s Stone Bomb. There were no rising fish, so I bounced that juicy Plecoptera imitation along the bottom of the river with overblown confidence.

The trout were deep.

But like usual, I became distracted from watching my bobber float and tick between the ice-covered banks. I’m gifted with a short attention span. My gaze strayed. Was that a nose or a fin or just an icy late winter hydraulic?

Hours passed. Fish were caught – including my last one.

And then, for a few fleeting minutes… the fish started chewing bugs on the surface.

Check out the rest of The Flyfish Journal contributors pieces HERE.

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