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Trouts Journal

The 20 Things We're Most Thankful for at Trouts - 2020 Edition!

Ivan Orsic / Nov 24, 2020

We are super thankful for your involvement with us throughout 2020. Whether you've been on a Guided Trip with us, come into our new shop on Zuni Street, took part in one of our Education classes, or followed us from afar, we are thankful that you chose to spend your time and hard-earned money with Trouts Fly Fishing. It means a lot to this locally-owned small business.

We look forward to sharing this Holiday season with you and can't wait for what 2021 brings our way! Here's to a big snowpack and happy fish. In the meantime, we wanted to take a little time to review what we're most thankful for from the year 2020!

Happy Thanksgiving! See you on the water or around the shop! Stay safe out there!

1. For You - Without you, Trouts Fly Fishing wouldn't be Trouts Fly Fishing

2. For Our Friends and Family

3. For the new SHOP at 1025 Zuni Street.

4. For another Carp Slam for the books.

5. For #OptOutside in 2019 and doing it again on FRIDAY!


7. For Floaty Flies and Good Banks

8. For new rods that fish pretty damn well.

9. For an easy place to get started in fly fishing.

10. For Russ Miller's "European" accent

11. For a new PODCAST around these parts.

12. For Staff Fishing Days and good nicknames.

13. For the ultimate battle between olive and black.

14. For Presentations that make carp go...mmmm hmmmm

15. For friends that ink.

16. For bringing back the old squad to the Five Flies & in-store realm.

17. For great fishing right behind the shop.

18. For big browns on chubbies.

19. For Trouts on TV!

20. As always, for the 6,000 miles of rivers and streams & 2,000 lakes and reservoirs the Centennial State has to offer!

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