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Trouts Journal

2013 Gear In Review Part I

Ivan Orsic / Dec 20, 2013

We had a lot of fun in 2013 talking to our customers about fly fishing gear and equipment. We tested rods from the banks of British Columbia to small saltwater atolls of Honduras. We put boots and waders through the ringer from Colorado to Montana. Here is Part I of a two part series – enjoy the Trouts Fly Fishing Gear in Review!

Sage Circa

"We created this rod for anglers who know what it’s like to slow down and really take in the nuances of the sport. Taking the angler back to the essence of fly fishing…dry fly fishing,” said Eric Gewiss, Marketing Manager at Sage. “With this in mind, the CIRCA rod is something that had been on the drawing board for quite some time. Not unlike glass or bamboo, the CIRCA is ideal for the angler with a slower paced casting style but with all the benefits of new technology. With the advent of Konnetic Technology, it permitted Jerry Siem and his team to design and build a small collection of rods that are highly accurate, light in hand and allows for a slower casting style but with a quick recovery. The CIRCA is all about quieting down, slowing down, studying the water, the insects, the fish and matching the hatch.”

The CIRCA Fly Rod with Konnetic technology is a game changer in the slow-action style of dry fly fishing. Its hypnotically smooth slower tempo combined with crisp and precise loading and unloading of each cast results in unmatched accuracy and delicate presentations.

Simms Rivershed Boot

Sometimes it is better just to let our satisfied customers do the talking. We received this email last month about the Simms Rivershed boot and thought we would share it in case you were trying to make a decision on wading boots for the upcoming season.

"Killed it again this weekend on the Blue River and I have to say I'm ecstatic about those new Rivershed boots! Super easy on and off and the traction with 5 screws in front and 4 in back is absolutely the best I've ever experienced. So much better than my old felt guide boots that I had been hanging onto and also a ton lighter so I feel less tired hiking my aXX around. Went into Cheesman and they were awesome for the long walk and up and down steeps. No issues with them having a little less material on the ankle for support!"

- Edward B - Angler/Photographer/Trout's Customer

What we say

These fly boxes are awesome. They have been hot sellers in the shop but I have never been able to test them out in the field. When I say “test them out in the field” I actually mean stick them in my pocket and walk a saltwater flat. Before my trip to Honduras I picked up large and medium sized boxes. I put my smaller bonefish patterns in the smaller box and my larger shrimp and crab patterns in the larger box. Both of the snap fasteners worked great – they held tight yet were easy enough to open and close. And, per usual when I walk a flat, I end up going deeper than I intend and submerging whatever is in my pockets – in this case, the smaller of the two fly boxes. End result: flies were dry.

Ross RX

Come take a boat ride with the Ross RX fly rod. First, we fished just off the coast of Nantucket for hard charging albies and then visited Guanaja, Honduras and stalked ultra spooky bonefish. Two very different situations and fishing conditions – same 8 wt fly rod.

The Smethurst Stone Bomb:

Here is what Adam Trina, Owner of the Montana Fly Company has to say about the Bomb Squad patterns:

“Most nymph patterns on the market were either no-bead patterns or single-bead patterns, and most of the single-bead patterns were brass, not Tungsten,” said Trina. “The majority of Frank’s Bomb patterns have 2 Tungsten beads, and are designed to ride hook up, allowing the angler to use them as their lead fly, right on the bottom, minimizing the need for split shot.“

What we say

I began using/testing the Umpqua Ledges 500 Waist Pack in March of 2013. For me, a waist pack needs to be all-purpose. To that end, I first used the Ledges 500 for a week on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico – spending time walk/wading the flats and the beach looking for bonefish and permit. Since then I’ve taken the pack to Montana and rivers closer to home here in Colorado. The pack has gotten partially wet, snowed on, fully submerged, dirty, and spent quite a bit of time balled up in the back of my truck.

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