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Trouts Journal

2020 Snowpack Update - March 18th Edition

Tucker Ladd / Mar 18, 2020

March has proven to be the complete opposite to February with pleasant temperatures across the state, and not a lot of notable snowfall in our High Country. This has slightly decreased our snowpack in all river basins, with the Southwestern part of the state showing the biggest decline. With all that said, we have a Winter Storm Warning issued for the Colorado High Country, and the Denver Front Range is anticipating a measurable snowfall to close out the workweek. As you can see from the graphic below, the statewide snowpack is currently coming in above 100% of average, with the Northern part of the state showing the highest percentages. This is typical of La Nina winters, where storm cycles tend to gravitate to the Northern portions of the US.

And while it is still too early to tell how much water we’ll have for the upcoming season, it is fair to say that we are sitting in a great spot for the middle of March. April and May can be two of the snowiest months of the year, so we are still in the “accumulation” side of our annual snowpack cycle. Sometime in early to mid-May, we should start to see our snowpack melt off leading into the summer season. So for the time being the best thing we can all do is keep our fingers crossed for additional snow and seasonal weather and temperatures.

I want to close out this Snowpack Update by thanking all of our customers for their continued patronage and support. Everyone at Trouts greatly thanks you all, and we look forward to continuing our efforts of helping our loyal costumes through these hard times.


Tucker Ladd
President & Owner, Trouts Fly Fishing

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