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Trouts Journal

3 Reasons You Need a 3 Weight

Ivan Orsic / Jul 13, 2018

Sure, the 9 foot 5 weight is a do-it-all trout, standard rod. And, sure you can fish a variety of water with your 9-foot 5 weight from small streams to big, Western Rivers. But, like anything that does-it-all, the 9 foot 5 weight doesn't do any one thing the best. When you're talking small streams, I'll take a shorter, 3-weight fly rod, a click-and-pawl reel, a couple Trudes and Humpies every day of the week. The 3-weight fly rod delivers accurate and delicate presentations in close quarters and makes fishing fun again. Don't believe us...

A 3 weight can even handle some larger class trout.

Here are three reasons why...

1. Every fish puts a bend in a Three-Weight!

We are smack dab in the middle of the high country season and there's no better rod to explore those small streams and high alpine lakes than a 3 weight. Every fish, no matter the size, puts a bend in your rod. Fighting a feisty 8-inch wild and/or native trout can be an absolute blast. That added sensitivity also keeps those small high country trout on more effectively than a five weight. The 3 weight will bring more of those high country fish to the hand and that gives you a chance to appreciate much more of nature's beauty.

2. Accurate and delicate presentations for Small Streams

When fly fishing small streams, there is little need to cast more than 20-25 feet. No rod gives you more feel, touch, or accuracy in those tight quarters than a three weight. Every casts counts when you're throwing bushy dry flies into those quick moving pockets and a three weight will deliver the fly with pinpoint accuracy.

3. Oh, the places you'll go!

Little known fact that Dr. Seuss wrote that book with 3 weights in mind. Nothing takes you to new and exciting water like a new three weight does. It forces you to think small and find some gems on Google Maps and your well-used Atlas. Break off the beaten path and hit some water that you don't read about on fishing reports. You'll most likely get some solitude and some eager-to-eat-dry fly fish.



If you're fishing 5x, 6x, or even 7x, a three weight will protect that light tippet better than any 4 or 5 weight could ever dream of. A light rod with ample flex will always protect light tippet better than a stiff, long fast-action rod.

Here are some of the shop favorite 3 weights!

Scott G-Series Fly Rod

Sage Mod Fly Rod

Winston BIII LS Fly Rod

Sage X Fly Rod

Scott F2 Fly Rod

Scott Flex Fly Rod

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