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Trouts Journal

5 Cool New Things Around The Shop

Ivan Orsic / Jul 15, 2015

Here are my 5 favorite new items to show up in the shop recently.

Cliff Outdoors Pink Bugger Barn- The Bugger Barn has been out for a while now but this latest version featuring a pink insert is quick to catch the eye. I use Bugger Barns for many of my streamer boxes and they work great for all sizes of patterns. I picture the new pink insert really helping with the visual aspect of picking out a streamer as the olives/blacks/browns used in the majority of today's streamer patterns will contrast nicely. $21.95.

Trouts Logo Zinger- Made with a metal cable for durability and featuring a solid attachment clip- i.e. forget the safety pin type fasteners that always seem to come undone- all topped off with a mighty attractive logo, these retractors are the answer you've been looking for. $5.25.

Air Lock Strike Indicator- I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical of these when I first saw them. However, on a recent large group guide trip, one of our other guides rigged up his customers with these. As we hit the water, one of the customers I ended up guided was using a rod rigged with an Air Lock. The ease of use for adjusting depth and eliminating the kinks formed by other more widely-known indicators, all made for a very enjoyable experience. To use, simply untwist the cap, slide tippet into the slotted post, and screw the cap back on. Simple and work great! $1.25 a piece.

Fly Trap Fly Patch- An awesome new take on the timeless need to dry off your wet flies. These inline fly patches can clip on to anything and feature a unique design where the top half holds large flies and lower half holds small flies. They come in two sizes- small or large- and at $8 or $9 respectively, are an accessory I'll certainly be trying out.

The Big Bug Box- New from Tacky Fly Fishing, the big bug box does a great job of rounding out their offerings. We were first introduced the company through their Original and Day Pack sizes, however the need to hold larger flies wasn't totally met with either option. Enter the Big Bug Box and consider that problem solved. Tacky has used the same blue silicone insert found in their other boxes, however has been re-designed to be a Wooly Bugger's dream. Tacky has continued to incorporate a clear polycarbonate lid, allowing for easy viewing of the boxes contents. $31.95

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