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Trouts Journal

5 Things I Couldn’t Do Without

Ivan Orsic / Nov 18, 2016
The past week I had the chance to get head up to Wyoming and fish a few sections of the North Platte. As many of you know, the water is quite a bit different than most of the water we have here in Colorado. I have been fishing this area with some good friends since my college days and had the opportunity to bring some friends along on this trip that have never fished the area. As they were asking me questions about what gear to bring it got me thinking. Here are 5 things I wasn’t making this trip to Wyoming without.

Sage X 690 - When fishing these waters you have to attack them with diversity. From Streamers, to Nymphs and even Dry Flies it is better to be prepared than not. The Sage X can handle it all from shooting 3 nymph rigs through 30 MPH wind or hucking the big stuff from the drift boat. I prefer to fish this area with a 6-7 Weight because from personal experience trying to throw streamers with a 4-5 when the wind shows up really isn’t much fun. The 690 Sage X was built to handle the big water, big fish and big Wind, making your life a little easier while you are there.

Yeti Coolers- We had two along with us. The Hopper Flip 12 and the Tundra 35QT. The reasoning behind Yeti being a must have is simple. They make the best coolers on the market and coolers hold BEER. (and some food too)

Exstream Foldover Mitt - The Simms Exstream foldover mitt is by far my favorite fishing glove on the market. Morning temperatures while we were up there were in the low 20’s. Rigging up with gloves on can be impossible at times so having free fingertips to tie knots is a must and having a fleece lined mitt helps warm your fingers right back up. The water resistant insulation is also a plus, keeping your hands warm even if you dunk them in the water.

UV Buff - It’s not a question of if the wind will blow in Wyoming. It’s just how hard it will blow. While UV Buffs offer great protection from the sun, they also protect you from the wind. So save yourself some money on chapstick and bring your buff!

Rising 24 Net - Personally I think Wyoming is the ideal setting for a long handle and big net. A long handle is a must if you are floating but also gives you some advantages wade fishing. Fish tend to run a size bigger in Wyoming so having a net that can handle them gives you an advantage realistically and mentally while you are fighting these larger trout.

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