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8 Best Place To Get Your Sunday Football and Fishing Fix: Part 2 - The Arkansas River

Ivan Orsic / Oct 14, 2017

We've all seen that bumper sticker, "If God's not a Broncos Fan, then why are the Sunsets Orange?" When September hits there is no doubt that Colorado's attention turns to the Orange and Blue. Now, fall is one of the best time to be on the water. Cooling temps, aggressive trout, scenic views, and fewer people on the river are all reasons that fall is great. Here at Trouts, we believe that you don't have to make the hard choice between football and fishing on fall sundays. You can have it all! That's why we have assembled a list of 8 great spots to watch the Broncos game in between your morning and afternoon shifts on the water. This is a bi-weekly feature that we will be featuring on the blog for the remainder of the 2017-2018 football season. Here is Part 2 of 8.

Time is flat circle and frankly, we got caught up in fall and neglected to hit y'all with the second installment of the Best Places to Get Your Sunday Football and Fishing Fix.

An Arkansas Brown

If you are looking to get away from the crowds that you can often find on the South Platte, it's hard to beat the scenery, bug life, and fishing that you can experience on the Lower & Middle Arkansas this time of year. Blue-winged Olive hatches like you read about. Trout rising from bank to bank. If you hit the Arkansas just right in the fall, you'll chase that day for falls to come. The trout of the Arkansas can be some of the most forgiving trout you'll encounter on the front range and are certainly willing to eat your attractor dry fly, streamer, or nymph throughout fall, as they prepare for the colder and leaner months in the high country. Frankly, it's tough to beat the scenery up and down the Arkansas. But, for this week's grub spot, it's best to hit the Middle or Lower section of the Arkansas. While your route to the river isn't terribly important, make sure you swing through Canon City on your way back home.

The Owl Cigar Store in all it's glory!

The Owl Cigar Store is the home to some of the best post-river burgers I've experienced in this great state. It feels like your taking a step back in to the 1950s or 60s. The Owl's walls are adorned with some historic taxidermy of mammoth trout, deer heads, and vintage photos. It's a great spot to hit after a long day on the river. We recommend a couple of Double Doubles, the fries, and give a shake a whirl if you've done your fair share of rock hopping along the banks of the Arkansas.

Don't worry - the Broncos will take up that screen real estate come game time!

Stay tuned to the blog for the third installment!

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