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Trouts Journal

American-Made Summer

Ivan Orsic / Jun 26, 2017

The Fourth of July is around the corner and summer is officially here in the Rocky Mountains. With dropping flows, warming temps, and summertime fishing in our sights, we wanted to highlight a couple of the items that we think are must-haves for your summertime on the water. It just so happens that each of these must-haves were designed and built here in the United States. At Trouts, we value high-quality gear made in America with impressive levels of attention to detail. Each piece of gear in this list exemplifies the qualities that we appreciate about gear made in America.

Abel USA Flag Nippers - Our General Manager Rick has had his prototype Abel Nippers for the better part of 8 years and they still cut everything from wire bite to 7x...now, we don't know why Rick is using 7x, but the point remains, the knife grade cutting steel of the Abel nippers stands the test of time. Add the American flag to these iconic nippers and this is a no-brainer for summer 2017.

Winston BIII LS Fly Rod - When you think Winston, you think presentation. Available from 2 wt through 5 wt, the BIII LS is a medium-fast action rod fits that bill. It's hard to think of a better option for throwing dry flies this summer. Lively and responsive, the BIII LS is perfect for small stream enthusiasts, anglers using light tippets for big fish, or those who enjoy stalking big fish with small flies. The Boron III LS, made in Twin Bridges, Montana, sets a new standard in what one should expect from a light line series.

Vedavoo Seam Sling Pack - This super versatile pack from Vedavoo is designed to sit comfortably on your back without the need for a second strap to lock the pack into place. With a surprising amount of storage space (fitting up to 8 Tacky Boxes or 4 of the Cliff Super Days Worth boxes), the Seam Sling is a perfect summer time pack ready for your next day on the water.

Hatch Finatic Sand Blasted Fly Reel - Take the iconic Hatch Finatic Reel and add a super unique and limited Bead Blasted Sand color to the freshwater sized reels and Hatch produced something that I'd be proud to put on my workhorse trout rod. As always, this reel is essentially bomb-proof as it features Hatch's hard anondization and a drag system worth writing home about.

Sage Mod Fly Rod - It's summer time. The high country is fishing well. Dry fly days are on the horizon. What better choice for those days than the Bainbridge Island, Washington built Sage MOD. Designed for those situations most often encountered by trout anglers, the MOD excels at measured distances to the short game, delivering delicate presentations with pin-point accuracy.

Orvis Mirage USA Made Fly Reel - We, here at Trouts, were super excited to hear that Orvis was moving the production of their new Orvis Mirage reel stateside. We were even more excited when got a hold of the reel. With Type III anondization, a sealed and maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel disc drag system with an aggressive knurled drag knob that goes from zero to full drag in a single drag knob rotation, the Mirage is a workhorse. It will protect light tippets for selection trout or put the stop to a hard-fighting saltwater game fish. Check out The Fiberglass Manifesto for a recent tour of the facility where the new Mirage is being produced. Always good stuff from Cameron Mortenson.

Simms Warriors & Quiet Waters G3 Waders - We still have a couple of sizes remaining in this limited edition version of the Simms G3 Stockingfoot Waders. These waders feature the 5-layers and 3-layers of Gore-Tex protection that make the G3 waders the most popular waders in the market today. Simms teamed with Warriors and Quiet Waters (WQW) for this limited release wader to benefit U.S. Veterans and it's hard to pass on these waders this summer. WQW helps reintegrate traumatically combat-wounded veterans from recent wars into society through fly fishing in southwest Montana. Proceeds from this limited release wader are expected to reach $100,000 for WQW.

Rising Lunker Net - Made in Utah, these nets are can hold a nice fish in the bag and some of your favorite libations in the handle. With a variety of colors and customization options, the Rising Lunker Nets are perfect for landing your fish of the summer.

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