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Trouts Journal

Anyone Going Fishing This Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / Jul 10, 2015

The Colorado River: The Colorado River has been dropping fast and is fishing great right now. It is getting closer to it's regular flows and the water is clearing up as we speak. The best way to fish this is to float but if you do not have the option wade fishing anywhere from Pump House to Granby is going to be your best bet on catching fish. Gore Canyon and around Hot Sulphur Spings are good places to start. Nymphing will be best but there are starting to be some Pmd's and Golden Stones flying around so keep your eyes out for rishing fish. Best flies to use Pats Rubber Legs, Golden Stone Nymps, Worms, and Anato Mays.

The Eagle River: The Eagle is often overlooked, you either drive past it to fish famed rivers like the Frying Pan or the Roaring Fork, or you don't make it all the way because you get distraced by the numerous trout streams on the way there. The Eagle has some fantastic fishing and the caddis hatches can be absolutley epic, and just becuase it is not a tailwater doesn't mean there isn't large fish, there are some buriser browns in it and some suprosingly enourmous rainbows. The only issue is that after a lot of rain Milk Creek near Walcot will muddy up the river but above Walcott and Gypsum it will be clearer, but also don't be afraid of off color water, it sometimes can be great. Nymphing with your standard flies will be your best bet, and don't be afraid of streamers and hoppers on the bank.

Spinney Mountain Reserviour: If you haven't fished still water before or don't think much of it you really should start partaking in this great way to catch fish. Spinney has some large trout and they are eager to eat a fly, and having recently been up there I am already looking forward to getting out there again. Fishing is best from sunrise till about 12:30pm, and a little chop on the water is good. Fishing dries towards rising fish is productive as well as slow drifing nymphs on about a 8 foot leader works as well. The best flies will be any beatis pattern, damsel flies, and a size 16 Adams will be sufficient for any rising fish, so not to comlicated.

Denver Area: With flows being a still a bit high fishing for carp and bass right here in town is a great option to catch fish this weekend without having to drive very far. The South Platte through town is still extremely high but still water is still an option. It is not hard to find carp here in town becuase they live in just about every body of water you choose to fish. If you need carp flies or any information feel free to call the shop or come in and have one of the employees point you in the right direction.

Bear Creek: Bear Creek is always a good option for a quick afternoon of fishing, after 10am the dry fly fishing starts to pick up and PMD's start to come off. Even though the trout are prodominalty pretty small they are very eager to take a well presented dry fly. Since this is our closest local trout fishery make sure that you are fishing barbless hooks and covering lots of water and not camping out in one hole, doing this will keep it fishing great all summer.

Tight Lines!

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