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Barracuda Rig Step Three: The Non-Slip Loop Knot

Ivan Orsic / Feb 17, 2014

The last knot that we are going to tie in our barracuda rig is the non-slip loop knot.

This is a great knot to learn if you plan want to connect your fly with nylon, fluorocarbon or wire bite tippet and if you are looking to give your fly a lot of natural action in the water. The non-slip lip loop knot is a fast and efficient way to tie a knot that can be used in many different salt and fresh water situations.

If possible, we’re going to try to hook barracuda using big surface flies and poppers so I want these flies pushing as much water as possible and really making a ruckus on the surface of the water. Our terminal piece of tippet material will be 20 lb Rio Wire.

The non-slip loop knot can be tied in three easy steps.

Step 1: Make an overhand knot in the line about 10 inches from the end. Pass the tag end through the eye of the hook and bring it back through the loop of the overhand knot.

Step 2: Wrap the tag end around the standing tippet or wire 5 or 6 times. Bring tag end back through overhand knot, entering from same side it exited from before.

Step 3: Slowly pull the tag end to cinch the wraps loosely together. Then pull the loop and the standing line in opposite directions with equal pressure to secure the knot snugly. Trim the tag end.

You can check out the perfection loop as well as the Albright knot if you would like to see the other knots used in constructing this barracuda rig.

Stay tuned for our fly fishing report and other updates from the Bahamas later in March. If you have an upcoming trip and need some help with your rigging, feel free to stop in the shop or call us at 303.733.1434. We're here to help!

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