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Trouts Journal

Bi-Weekly Video Fishing Report & Forecast - November 14th Edition

Ivan Orsic / Nov 14, 2019

There's a slower, more deliberate pace to late fall and early winter fishing and we're here for it. With some pretty mild weather forecasted for the next week, we expect to see some happy fish whether you're fishing freestones or tailwaters. As we continue towards the winter solstice and temperatures are gradually decreasing, we're seeing fish starting to move into their traditional cold temperature lies. Blue-wings, midges, and attractors (like eggs) will be the main fare for trout as we progress through the month.

With this mild weather, expect to see blue-wings hatching on cloudy days and midges hatching on sunny days, especially on tailwaters like Deckers. Fish will respond well. Ivan and Jonathan were out on Deckers yesterday and worked a pod of risers for about two hours mid-day. Not the worst.

Don't forget about streamers this time of year...especially on the freestones. As water temperatures continue to decline in November, varying your retrieve can pay off in a major way. Fish are looking to put on pounds as winter closes in and they'll still move pretty aggressively to a big offering.

Prefer your River Reports in writing? No problem, be sure to check out our Fishing Information page for up-to-date fishing reports!

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