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Trouts Journal

Brand New Products // Simms x Trouts Logo Wear

Brandon Rodriguez / Oct 20, 2021

Say hello to the only Quarter-Zip Fleece you will need for either crisp mornings or cool evenings and everything in between. From the office or the patio bar, after early mornings throwing dry flies or on the driving range, the brand new Simms Rivershed Quarter Zip Fleece is an absolute must-have for the fall and winter season. Truth be told, I love quarter zips and find every excuse in the book to wear one. I am not sure where my affinity for quarter zips came from - maybe it is how sharp a quarter-length zipper looks - but, I think they are the most versatile piece of fall clothing a man can wear. Want to dress up your happy hour outfit? Toss on the Simms Rivershed Quarter Zip. Needing an extra layer if it's a little chilly but not enough to warrant a down jacket? Simms' Rivershed Quarter Zip makes for the perfect layer no matter the occasion. If you are looking to use this piece outside your typical happy hour or office? The brand new Rivershed Quarter-Zip Fleece makes for a great choice when layered under a Simms ExStream Down Jacket for those extremely cold days.

As someone who tends to geek out a bit on gear, I continually am shocked at how well the designers over at Simms pay attention to every little detail. I mean...there probably is a reason that they are the leaders when it comes to apparel in the fly fishing industry, right? Anyhow, when worn this jacket feels buttery smooth on the skin, mainly due to the patented heather jacquard fleece material construction. The benefit of the heather jacquard fleece is that it traps in body heat but also allows for perfect breathability no matter your daily activity. Their integrated two-way stretch won't have you feeling constricted which is a huge plus for those looking to use this jacket romping around their favorite tailwater and beyond their typical concrete jungle. On the topic of hiking around in the mountains, the Rivershed Quarter-Zip Fleece also comes equipped with a super sleek and minimally designed front zippered chest pocket. This is perfect for convenient access and storage for your fishing license, credit cards, or driver's license. Or maybe a shooter of your favorite Bourbon.

Before we end, I want to offer my initial impressions of this bad boy. Within moments of me wearing this thing I noticed that the two most important factors to highlight were fit and dimensions. No matter your body type, you will not have to worry about this QZ looking ugly and boxy, a look that plagues a majority of other quarter zips on the market. How do I know this? As I mentioned before I am a big fan of quarter zips and unfortunately many of them are a bit too boxy for my liking, however not this one. Full disclosure, when these bad boys came off the UPS truck I immediately bought one and have yet to take it off. This thing is so damn comfortable. My favorite way to wear this thing? First thing in the morning - particularly on a Sunday. Then I'll mozy on around my apartment, make some breakfast, hit a trendy coffee shop on my block then transition to an afternoon fishing at a local lake. Is this kind of a gross thing to admit? Potentially. But with this QZ on at least, I look damn good doing it. Or at least that is what my girlfriend tells me.

At the end of the day, the Simms Rivershed Quarter Zip Fleece should be the only fleece you are wearing this season. If you have been searching for a perfect comfy quarter-zip fleece no
matter your location this one is for you. Don't believe me? Come swing by our Denver Shop to try one on for yourself. Just make sure you have your credit card handy.

Shop the New Simms Quarter-Zip

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