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Trouts Journal

Congratulations To Simms On Winning It’s First Bassmaster Classic!

Ivan Orsic / Feb 23, 2015

Let's take a break from the usual pheasant tail, jujubaetis and tippet talk to recognize a major step forward in the fishing world. Simms first came on to the professional bass fishing circuit several years ago. I remember this clearly as I was still living in Kansas and heavily involved in tournament bass fishing myself. The 'dock talk' amongst my competitors revolved alot around the topic of "What's this Simms brand making these expensive rainsuits?". Still a diehard fly-fisherman during this period of my life (who just happened to also be quite handy with a baitcaster and a 20 foot bassboat attached to a 250hp motor) I was long familiar with the iconic brand. It was funny to see the lights start to turn on when my fellow competitors finally noticed the SIMMS logos stiched into the fleeces, shirts and shorts I'd been wearing around them for years. The BASS Federation (the primary tournament circuits I was fishing) made this "new" brand of gear pretty affordable to us competitors and by the time I sold the boat and moved to Colorado several years back, you weren't cool unless you had a Simms Pro-Dry rainsuit in your boat.

Fast forward to today and it's safe to say Simms is now a household name in not only the fly-fishing, but also bass fishing (and also offshore fishing) world in every sense of the word. I still keep my ear to the gound in the world of competitve bass fishing and can say with certainty, Simms has done their research well in selecting their Pro Bass team.

So with that, a big congratulations goes out to Simms on officially placing their stamp on the biggest fishing tournament in the world.

Shop Simms Fishing Products HERE.

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