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Trouts Journal

Cool & Clear

Ivan Orsic / Jun 27, 2012

Shin deep in the water, thoughts of hot and cold cease to register. The only concern is how far you may have wandered from the road as you have lost track of how long you have been walking. But all of that fades quickly, as there is a splashy eat waiting in every riffle and next to every cut bank. A single golden stimiulator is the only ammo you need. If a yellow sally makes a home in your beard on the walk from the truck, there's probably a few more around as well.

The first two casts are the only ones that count, and if the water is right, you will get to see the take. The fight may be short, but the take on the surface is acrobatic and unapologetic. The eat on the surface is what you are really after. When the mercury climbs and the asphalt sizzles, there is much solace in knowing that another eager fish awaits you upstream in a little creek that runs cool and clear.

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