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Trouts Journal

Drift Boat Ready

Ivan Orsic / Mar 11, 2017

If getting on a drift boat isn’t on your mind, it should be! With daylight savings coming this weekend and spring in full effect, this time of the year can be some of the most rewarding time to be on the water. As water temps begin to warm up fish will be eager to find big protein items they have been missing all winter. I know everyone preaches fall streamers, but this time of the year is my personal favorite streamer season. You will see how that effects my take on 5 things you should have in your drift boat this time of the year.

Yeti Hopper Two - Yeti just improved on something that really didn’t need to be improved. The new zipper makes the Hopper the go to cooler when spending a day on a drift boat. Besides, it generally holds the most important items on the boat. (Beer and Lunch) The Hopper is available in sizes 20qt, 30qt, and 40qt.

Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag - Simms makes keeping things dry so easy. The Dry Creek Boat Bag has crazy amounts of room, with interior dividers and compression-molded trays that make organization easy. If beer is the most important thing on the boat, keeping things that need to stay try is easily second and this bag will deliver just that.

Rising Lunker Net or Fishpond Nomad Boat Net - A long handled net makes landing fish in a drift boat so easy. There aren’t two better long handled nets on the market then the Rising Lunker and the Nomad Boat Net.

Streamers - Drift boats weren’t made for watching strike indicators. Sure, having a nymph rod rigged up to fish a few runs when you pull over is a nice option, but there is nothing better than watching fish move to streamers while you are in a drift boat!

Fishpond Sushi Roll - This has a simple explanation. The Sushi Roll is an easy way to store the streamers you should be fishing while you are on a float.

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