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Trouts Journal


Ivan Orsic / Oct 16, 2012

At Trout’s we’re always trying to explore the bounds of fly fishing and find new stuff – and then share it with our customers. We’ve fished with Matt Dunn, the content creator behind the always–eye-brow-raising and sometimes-hair-raising site fishbeer.com. Fans of fishbeer are devout and write things like:

Come on DUDE! It's nearly the end of "next week". I must know if you lost a hand or an eye attempting to land a Northern Michigan Muskie with nothing to defend yourself with but a half-full can of Stroh's and a pretty way with words. “

Fishbeer might not be for everyone, but it works real well for some of us here at the shop. We can testify that Matt is as interesting and entertaining as his writing and photography. Give it a shot – we dare you... and if you do, let us know what you think.

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