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Trouts Journal

Fly Casting Tune Up

Ivan Orsic / Jan 20, 2014

We have a lot of customers who stop into the shop before they embark on an international saltwater fly fishing adventure. We get all kinds of gear and equipment questions as well as questions about fishing strategy and tactics. One piece of advice we always share: 'if you are new to fishing the flats or from a boat, go out and practice casting prior to your trip.'

If you have a saltwater fly fishing adventure on the horizon and would like some casting tips and instruction from a professional, give us a call at the shop. We can arrange a private two-hour fly casting tutorial where your current casting skills will be evaluated and you will also be given tips and drills that you can practice on your own. If you would like a follow-on class, we can arrange that as well. In addition to avoiding and breaking bad casting habits, you will learn the basics of a double heul cast and other tricks to help you increase line speed and improve presentation accuracy (private casting classes are $75 an hour with a two hour minimum).

This is advice that we’ve actually taken ourselves. Here are a few casting tips that I learned before my last trip down to Honduras. If you would like to book a private casting class give us a call here at the shop – 303.733.1434. For insight into our entire 2014 Fly Fishing Educational Curriculum and Private Classes, CLICK HERE.

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