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Trouts Journal

Fly Fishing For Carp In-Store Preso ft. Dan Frasier!

Ivan Orsic / Mar 16, 2016

Whether you're a seasoned vet at the carp game, or perhaps looking to hook your first rubberlips ever, you NEED to be at the shop on Tuesday the 29th.

Everyone of us here are extremely excited to annouce Dan Frasier will be at the shop for an exciting in-store presentation on one of the best targets you could ever set your fly rod's sights on.

Dan has put together a presentation geared towards all skill levels and will include the following talking points:

1. Locating fishable Carp
2. Identifying the forage and selecting the fly
3. Presentation techniques
4. Recognizing the Take
5. Landing and proper care and handling.

Date: Tuesday, March 29th.

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Trouts Fly Fishing (1303 E. 6th Ave., corner 6th/Marion)

Cost: FREE!

Dan will be arriving at the shop around 5:00pm to hang out, chat carp and sign copies of his book: The Orvis Beginner's Guide To Carp Flies: 101 Patterns and When & How To Use Them

Also---I'm sure a few of you reading this have attended some of our in-store presentations and realized one thing- they can get a little crowded. While coming early is still advised, the good news is we now have the capability to live-stream the presenation going on upstairs, on the big flatscreen tv we've got downstairs/accompanying sound system. Long story short, we'll all have plenty of room to spread around and enjoy the knowledge Dan will be sharing.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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