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Trouts Journal

Trouts Fly Fishing Forecast | March 26th Edition

Ivan Orsic / Mar 26, 2021

It's spring in the Rockies and the fishing reflects it! Blue-winged olives are starting to pop. The big spring midge is still playing a big role as a food source for our favorite fisheries' inhabitants. Caddis are becoming more active subsurface. Streamer fishing is picking up. The fishing is diverse and productive. What more can you ask for?

Attractors like worms, eggs, leeches, craneflies, and stoneflies will continue to get the job done. Fish will continue to become more and more active as water temperatures increase. However, it's important to pay attention to the flow charts/hydrographs this time of year. As the ambient air temperatures increase, much of the "low elevation" snow that has fallen in thin the past several weeks will continue to melt. This localized snowmelt can cause the flows (especially the freestones) to bump with a plug of colder water. That plug of cold water has a tendency to slow down those productive spring hatches.

As always, work on depth control, mending, and rigging. Fish will be more active as the temperatures warm after this weekend's weather system, so determining what combination of weighted flies and additional weight to get your flies to drift at the right depth is key!

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