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Trouts Journal

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Ivan Orsic / Jun 11, 2013

A father and son enjoy a day fly fishing on Denver's South Platte River in early June

Looking for Father’s Day Gift Ideas? Here is a Top 10+ list from Trouts Fly Fishing

Hey Ladies! Looking to get the fly fishing father in your life a gift he won't forget? Here are two options. Check out Trouts Top 10 Father's Day Pro Gear Guide below.

Or... does the dad you have in mind have every piece of fly fishing equipment under the sun? Check out the fishing "gear" our pals over at SOL have for sale at there shop or online. SOL is a locally owned specialty shop right down the street from us so if you stop by Trouts for a gift it is an easy trip over to SOL.

Top 10 Gear List from Trouts Fly Fishing:

1) Scott G2 Fly Rod – five weight 9 foot - 4 piece

Anglers who have fished the Scott G series are loyal – and there is good reason for that. The Scott G2 Fly Rod inspires confidence, especially when you are targeting large trout that demand a deadly accurate fly presentation. The Scott G series has earned a following and the G2 has quickly become a go-to stick for anglers looking for a high performance Rocky Mountain Trout rod.

2) Hatch Finatic Five Plus – Fly Reel

When you are in the market for an investment grade fly reel you need to evaluate the Finatic 5 Plus. The Finatic includes a one piece machined reel seat, completely sealed multi drag system, and anodized finish that makes it bomb proof if you decide to take a break from trout and head down south on a saltwater trip. This mid arbor reel is designed for 5-7 weight lines and compliments and balances the Scott G2 5 wt. perfectly.

3) Wader - Simms G3 Guide Wader

If you spend a lot of time on the river you are going to notice a lot of guides and professional anglers wearing Simms waders. You’ll notice them in Colorado, Montana, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast as well. Every pair is built and quality assured in Bozeman Montana and Simms has a rigorous product design and testing process. The G3s are constructed with five layers of Pro Shell GORE-TEX® in the legs, three layers of Pro Shell GORE-Tex throughout the rest of the wader, abrasion resistant gravel guards, and hand warmer pockets that actually come in handy when you hit the water early in the morning – or the dead of winter.

4) Boots - Simms Rivershed

The Rivershed boot utilizes CleanStream design which helps minimize river organism transfer and the spread of invasive species by minimizing exposed stitching, ridges, and pockets – this design also helps them to dry more quickly. One of the features that we enjoy the most is the neoprene lining and how it works in tandem with the Simms G3 neoprene wader booty. When you try these two pieces of equipment on together you will understand that they were made for one another – super comfortable even when you are taking long hikes into the canyon.

5) Polarized Sunglasses - Costa Blackfin

Everyone here at Trouts Fly Fishing wears Costa sunglasses. Not some of the employees… every single one of us. The frames and lenses might vary a bit but we are all ardent fans of the 580 Glass Lens technology. At Trouts, we can be extremely hard on my gear – glasses are no exception. The 580 Glass lenses are scratch resistant and can take our abuse. Combine this with the durability of the Blackfin frame and you have yourself arguably the best pair of polarized eyewear money can buy.

6) Umpqua Ledges 500 – Waist Pack

The Ledges 500 definitely stands out from a lot of competing waist packs due to some very fishing specific features. I’ve fished with this pack from the flats of Ascension Bay in Mexico to the rivers here in Colorado and there are a lot of design nuances that are worth talking about. The biggest feature that differentiates the Ledges 500 is the lightweight aluminum frame that acts as the backbone of the waist pack. This curved frame has two purposes – it helps the pack keep its’ shape so you can find fly boxes and other gear easily; it also distributes weight across your lower back evenly for comfort. The frame in combination with the shoulder harness really makes for comfortable navigation within the waist pack and a great alternative to a traditional fly fishing vest.

7) Vest - Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack

If you are one of those anglers who insists on being prepared for all situations and committed to making long hauls to fish sections of river where others do not, the Wasatch Tech Pack is worth investigating. This pack combines the capacity of a backpack and features of a fishing vest to make it the Swiss Army knife of fishing equipment. Other features that are worth noting: contoured and padded shoulder straps for comfort and load distribution, two zip down fly bench foam molded chest pockets, two water resistant pockets, and four interior mesh pockets, three separate backpack pockets, and a built in rod tube holder. There is not much this vest/pack doesn’t have.

8) Fly Line – Scientific Anglers - Mastery VPT Taper

Scientific Anglers Mastery VPT Taper Fly Line has a braided multifilament core with low stiffness and an advanced PVC coating creating a supple feel for accurate, on-point casts. The SA VPT is designed for making casts when subtle fly presentations matter most. This fly line combines precision, accuracy and maximizes loop control when casting long distances. The VPT has a welded loop tip and feels slick and clean casting through the eyelets of a rod. The welded loop also makes leader changes convenient and quick with loop-to-loop fly line/leader connections. This line is perfectly paired with the Hatch Finatic 5 Plus in combination with the Scott G2.

9) Tippet and Leader – Scientific Angler

Next to a fly, the next piece of gear that is going to get inspected by a fish is your leader and tippet. If you are fishing in areas that tend to get fished heavily or you are dealing with smarter than average trout, one advantage you can give yourself is choosing fluorocarbon tippet and leader material. SA’s tippet material was designed for harsh conditions and spooky/smart fish. Their fluorocarbon tippet has a sunlight refractive index that is similar to water. SA fluorocarbon tippet is going to be harder for fish to detect and give the angler higher tensile and knot strength than standard nylon tippet.

When it comes to leaders, match your SA fluorocarbon tippet with a 9’ fluorocarbon leader that will give you additional abrasion-resistance if your fish decides to wrap you around a rock in the river and also help you with a low key/low visibility presentation on the water. All SA fluorocarbon tapered leaders come with loops making the leader to fly line connection to the welded loop in the VPT fly line quick and easy.

10) Simms G4 Pro Jacket

Do you know someone who likes to spend their day in the rain or snow chasing fish with a passion? We do. The Simms G4 Pro Jacket was designed for those who fish all the time, regardless of the weather. In Colorado where we sleet, rain, and snow all year round - even in the summer months. This is the most versatile jacket and is our go-to response to the highly dynamic weather conditions that gets thrown our way in the mountains and on the river. The G4 Pro Jacket features GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric for unmatched performance and durability and is our most technical jacket with features that include pit zips, reinforced shoulders, large chest pockets ideal for big fly boxes, water resistant zippers, and built in retractors for tools like nippers and hemostats. The Simms G4 Pro Jacket is your one-stop-shop for staying dry and warm when the sky opens and mother nature unleashes her wrath.

Still on the fence after all that? How about a Gift Certificate for Trouts Fly Fishing? Quick - easy - fun. Don't forget that we offer FREE Same Day Shipping (Monday - Friday, during scheduled business hours) with a purchase of $50 or more on all online and phone orders! In addition, Trout's is the only fly shop to offer Curb Side Pick-Up. Simply select "Pick-Up in-Store" during the check out process, and we'll contact you to see when you want to pick the order up. We hope you have a great time shopping at Trouts for that special father in your life - you both deserve it! If you ever have questions stop by the shop or give us a call at 303.733.1434. We are here to help!

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