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Trouts Journal

Fly Fishing Report: The Blue River at Silverthorne

Ivan Orsic / Jun 21, 2014

The Blue at Silverthorne is still a little higher than the 51 year median average and currently sits at 701 cfs. When I fished the Blue at Silverthorne on Wednesday the levels were a little higher at 812 cfs but fished exceptionally well all things considered. I moved up and downstream from Silverthorne and had the best luck in the slower moving pools after the longer whitewater runs. I only fished for a couple of hours but the time was very productive as I adjusted weight and strike indicator in between each hole.

Insects and Natural Food Sources:

Mysis Shrimp, “Mysis relicta” are plentiful in the Dillon Reservoir system and inhabit the deeper parts of the lake. As water comes out of the bottom of the Dillon Reservoir, the Mysis Shrimp are flushed downstream into the Blue and the trout love them.

Recommended Flies:

  • San Juan Flash Worm - Sizes: 18, 20
  • 9th Hole Mysis - Size 18
  • Sand’s Epoxy Mysis - Sizes: 18, 20
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