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Trouts Journal

Fly Presentation: Barracuda

Ivan Orsic / Jan 13, 2014

Our Hosted Trip to the Andros South Lodge is just 60 days away. We’ve been talking to our clients primarily about the pursuit of big bonefish in the Bahamas – that is what Andros South Lodge is all about. There is, however, another species that we will most likely see that we will be geared up for: ‘cuda. That’s short for big… burly… barracuda.

Deneki Outdoors published a great article about approaching and presenting a fly to the barracuda around South Andros Island. Here is a sound bite:

“Barracudas are some mean SOBs. They feed on other fish, including bonefish. They’re super fast and powerful, and they get really aggressive when they think they see prey. When presenting a fly to these guys, you want to key on this predatory response. Here’s one way to do just that…” – Deneki Outdoors

Stay tuned for our next ‘cuda post when we will be breaking down the construction of our barracuda leader and tippet rigging.

If you have a saltwater adventure of your own in the works and have any gear or fishing related questions, don’t hesitate to stop into the shop of give us a call – 303.733.1434.

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