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Trouts Journal

Four Waters to Fish This Weekend!

Ivan Orsic / Jul 19, 2019

Flows are stabilizing or dropping. the weather looks downright summery with sun mixed in with chances of PM thunderstorms. Summer fishing has arrived in Colorado. The season many of us have been waiting for is finally upon us. Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, PMDs, Caddis, and Hoppers are all making appearances throughout the state.

Dust off those big, floaty foam flies you've been storing away for sunnier days. Those sunnier days are here. We've done a little research for you guys and here's where we'd recommend fishing this weekend.

Cheesman - Broken Record much? Your favorite Front Range tailwater continues to produce quality days on the water. Water temperatures have stabilized after Denver Water let out more water from the bottom release. PMDs, caddis, and midges are the name of the game right now. Foamback emergers, pheasant tails, leeches, buckskins, and tan San Juan worms are all producing. We are seeing midge hatches in the AM and PM and fish will key in on those bugs subsurface. With these elevated flows, expect to find fish on soft insides, eddies, riffles, and slower flats. This higher water has a penchant for pushing some of the bigger fish out of their normal hiding places. Not saying...just saying.

Middle & Upper Colorado River - The Colorado River is still high and is definitely above average for this time of year. But, with plentiful hoppers, caddis, PMDs about and reasonable clarity - even in the middle section - our namesake river is a great option for the weekend. Walk/wade the upper and float the middle. With the amount of water the Colorado is delivering downstream, make sure to slide into every eddy possible to adequately work water over the course of the day. If you want to rip streamers, by all means, if you dedicate yourself stripping streamers off the bank, the rewards can be pretty damn good. I'm always a fan of black streamers. If you don't want to throw streamers, dry-dropper rigs with chubbies, stimulators, PMXs, or Hippie Stompers as the floating fly and Pat's Rubberlegs, Hot Belly PTs, Dirty Birds, Guide's Choice Hare's Ears and Flashback PTs presented underneath will put fish in the net. The water is high, so should it should go without saying that you should exercise caution during this high water. Don't go if you don't know.

Eagle River
Like the Colorado, it's high. But, flows are coming down and fishing has been very productive along this freestone. Bug choice, rigging, and water choice will be very similar to the Colorado. Dry-droppers & Streamers will be the name of the game. While flows are coming down, it can still be a bit sketchy out there. Call our Frisco location for updated conditions for the Eagle (970) 668-2583. Know before you Row.

High Country!
Want to beat the heat? No better option than the countless high country lakes that we have access to throughout Colorado. Whether you head to Rocky Mountain National Park or one of the many National Forests throughout the state, the highest lakes are starting to open up. Dry droppers, small streamers, and presenting/twitching nymphs to cruising fish will catch fish. Fishing drop-offs and structure will be key to getting into fish. Don't get glued to one spot - if you switch up presentations, depths, flies, and you're not getting into fish, by all means, move around the lake until you find feeding fish. You've already made the hike, there's no sense in saving yourself from another 0.5 miles so you can get into some stunning cutthroat or brook trout.

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