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Trouts Journal

Friday Video Distraction: Off The Beaten Path Edition

Ivan Orsic / Mar 27, 2015

Here is a great little way to spend 4 minutes and 29 seconds that I know will get anyone hitting the water this weekend pumped up. (including myself)

I wrote a piece earlier this week about a recent weekend outting to a less popular -although still very well known- stretch of a river in Colorado. Not surprising (in fact I anticipated it), I recieved some negative feedback from some folks about how I've been 'talking too much' about the fishing around this state and I should just focus on talking about the 'popular' areas. The fact is, there's a ton of public water to explore in this state and this video proves it. I'll be honest, I don't recognize any of the spots shown in this video. Am I itching to figure out exactly where these incredible Cutthroat came from? Not really. For situations like this, I'd rather do my own exploring than have someone tell me where to go. When fishing or hunting public areas, a little -or often alot- of work typically goes a long ways. One thing I can guarantee is that if you decide to make exploring new waters a goal for this year, you're going to have some days where you get your butt kicked and it will be tempting to go back to the ol' reliables. You're also going to have some days where the fishing blows your mind, only to return to that spot and get your butt kicked on your next trip. Exploring new water and 'figuring it out' typically requires paying your dues. If you're satisfied returning to the same waters where you always seem to catch a few, then great. You're having fun and that's why we're all out there to begin with. I've got plenty of spots like that as well (ie Deckers) that offer a consistent experience and are easy to get to. However, some of my most memorable days on the water come from those unknown adventures. Hiking into a lake, exploring a high mountain stream, or perhaps returning to a river you've fished countless times and telling yourself 'I'm not going to fish anywhere here today that I've fished in the past'. The bottom line is, forcing yourself out of your comfort zone is only going to make you a much better angler. I love those days where you start the car, pull out of the driveway, and have absolutely no clue what lies ahead for the day. That was the case from my last weekend report. No clue where we'd end up or what we'd find....and that seemed to turn out alright.

Fly Fishing Colorado II...off the beaten path from J.M.M on Vimeo.

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