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Trouts Journal

Friday Video Distraction: Take A Road Trip Edition

Ivan Orsic / Feb 27, 2015

Looking out the window today, the blanket of white covering the entirety of this city makes for the perfect recipe to reflect on past fishing experiences and more importantly, plan for future ones. Where do you want to go this year? Every angler has a list of those places they dream of. Whether it's a destination you dream of visting, or a place you dream of visiting again, a fly rod always seems to be the perfect conduit to encourage exploration. Another thing about my personal lists is that it probably has a lot in common with many of yours. What I mean by that is there are those 'trip of a lifetime' destinations you hope to take once (Russia and Aftrica are expamples of mine), as well as just those local places you hope to learn more intimately....oh and let's not forget all the other places that are just a day trip away, but for whatever reason you still haven't stepped wading boot into (Washington/Oregon are good examples of that for me)

So with that in mind, here's a great video I stumbled across that more than likely reflects what is surely on countless anglers lists as well- the month long road trip across US with one goal in mind......catch as many fish as possible.

A Journey West from ALLAGASH FILMS on Vimeo.

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