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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Amy’s Ant

Ivan Orsic / Jul 7, 2011

Amy’s Ant

What we say

I was first introduced to UFM's Amy's Ant about 6 years ago when the representative of UFM gave me a "care package" containing approximately half a dozen of these yet to be released chew toys. This package of goodies conveniently coincided with a trip down to Chile and Argentina where I planned on exploring and fishing for close to a month. If you've ever fished in Chile, you know that the rivers down there can be extremely big, deep and glacial...devoid of aquatic insects. The trout, especially the big ones, primarily concentrate their efforts in trying to consume small baitfish and terrestrial insects that happen to take that misfortunate step. The Amy's Ant was hands down the best foam bodied terrestrial I brought down on this trip. Not wanting to lose any and not needing to fish finer tippets, I hung this out there on a stout 1X leader. The fly was so effective and the fish so ferocious, that the1X tippet still did not deter trout from making off with my offering. I came back with zero...nada...not a single Amy's Ant! That half dozen lasted almost 3 entire weeks...surviving dozens upon dozens of bull nosed trout, breakoffs, log jams and pirating buddies. Since those days in South America, I can honestly say that I have not headed out for a day of fishing without a few of these in my fly box, especially during the summer and fall months. Now available in sizes #12 and #14 the likelihood of moving fish just got even better!

This is one of the most effective patterns we have fished with here in Colorado. Rainbows, browns, cutthroat and brookies all want to eat this fly. Make it move, dance, skate...the Amy's Ant crushes it when you give a little "action" to it.

What they say

Designed and tied by industry legend, Jack Dennis, the Amy's Ant was brought to the forefront of our industry when it was the hands down winner in the 1999 "Jackson Hole One Fly" contest. Ever since then, people have regarded this fly as legendary and among the best out there. Comprised of synthetics, such as foam and rubber legs, with a hint of natural in the form of elk hair and hackle, this fly covers the bases as a fun and relatively easy pattern to tie. The Amy's Ant was first picked up by Umpqua Feather Merchants approximately 6 years ago, making this fly available to the masses. Originally offered only in olive and red, sizes #8-10, new for this year the size range improves to include #12-14...which should be equally effective.

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