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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Cliff Outdoors Days Worth Fly Box

Ivan Orsic / Jul 6, 2011

What we say

I'm now on my second Days Worth in about 5 or so years...the first one is probably somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico at this point. As Cliff Outdoors describes, this little box is inexpensive, stout and customizable. The additional foam strip that comes with the box, I have running the full length of the magnetic pad. This is where I place flies that I've tried without success, thus allowing me to keep track of what I've used to no avail. I highly recommend attaching the included mono "lanyard" to your person, as I can attest that this little box easily slips out of any chest pocket.

What they say

Congratulations! You have purchased the Cliff Days Worth, which we consider to be the finest small fly box available. It's a stout little box. Just load it with a Days Worth of your favorite patterns and hit the water.

The Days Worth is designed to securely hold both small and large patterns. The magnetic pad along the bottom is designed to manage your smaller flies (#16 and up), while larger flies are held by the foam strips. Customize it for the way you fish. Place the extra foam strip wherever you like. Some anglers cut it to length and place it vertically on the magnetic bottom to separate small dry flies from nymphs. Others cut it into small pieces and strategically place them to hold wooly buggers and other large flies. Some folks use it to patch their driftboat, but that's another Cliff story.

At Cliff Outdoors, our aim is to design and manufacture the highest quality, most practical fly fishing accessories without bending you over.

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