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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Cornerstone Creek Nets - Medium Handled “Avalanche” Net

Ivan Orsic / Aug 29, 2011

What we say

Having recently lost my net, recently being last summer, I have been in the market for a new one. Luckily for me Brandon Lenderink, Owner of Cornerstone Creek Nets, came walking through the door here at Trout's Fly Fishing to showcase his new line of high-quality wooden landing nets with clear PVC bags. Upon close inspection I could tell there was a significant difference to his craftsmanship, design, materials and attention to detail. I've sold hundreds of wooden nets over the years from all the big players, and this net, my future net, caught my eye. We'll start with the overall aesthetic beauty of my new net. Count it...35 pieces of separate wood laminate makes up the handles inlay!!! What!?! Why would someone go to these lengths when making a net? Because he could and he knew that it would catch a prospective buyer's eye. It worked. Sold. In addition to the amazing woodwork, the nets bow is comprised of 4 layers of hardwood laminate, making for one incredibly durable net. I've not intentionally tried to break it, but I have put the thing through its paces. It handled little browns at mile marker 10.5 on the Fryingpan, 18" bows on the Roaring Fork and Yampa Rivers and a couple 12lb+ carp on the S. Platte here in Denver. I've stepped on it, dropped it 8' onto blacktop while unloading my Yakima Rocket Box, used it as a wading staff when I got a bit over my head...yep it still looks great and is no worse for the wear. I highly recommend this locally made wooden landing net.

What they say

“The Avalanche” is truly a trophy net…for trophy fish. It’s long enough to use from a drift boat and is large enough to land that monster fish you’ve always wanted. The "Avalanche's" hoop is crafted with four quality wood strips surrounding an exotic hardwood handle. Each net is carefully crafted and finished with six coats of a high grade UV and water resistant marine varnish. Not only does the finish reveal the true beauty of the wood but gives your net the longevity it deserves.

· Opening is 13" x 17"

· Medium Handle: 17" Handle, 34" Overall Length

Long/Boat Handle: 23" Handle, 40" Overall Length

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