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Gear Review COSTA 580 Technology

Ivan Orsic / Dec 29, 2011

COSTA 580 Technology Review - By Cody Hoeckelberg

Anyone who has ever worn a pair of Costas knows their sunglasses are top notch and how important they when you are on the water. I have been wearing the Caballito frames with Green mirror lenses for about a year, and they are worth their weight in gold especially when you are sight casting to feeding fish. The Costa 580 glass lens is virtually scratch proof and can withstand a beating. If you do happen to get a scratch it will only be on the surface lens and will not affect the polarization, shading, or UV protection. I can’t tell you what a scratch actually looks like and I’m tough on my glasses. I have actually dropped them several times in parking lots and by the side of the river and they appear to be bomb proof. Wearing Costa's is like watching TV in HD.

When it comes to the frames they are large enough to block out any light that may come in from the side or underneath the frame which drastically reduces glare and eye fatigue. Which in turn will make you a sight-fishing machine on the river. The difference is night and day between polycarbonate lenses and the 580 glass lenses. Come on down to the shop and try on a pair and see what you think for yourself.

These shades are awesome hands down, but the only downside to the 580 lenses is that they will fog up on you when you go from really cold to a nice warm truck or skiing lodge.

What Costa Has To Say:

High-tech. High-performance. The ultimate lens.

Yellow light is the enemy. It's hard for the eye to process and changes how you see the world. Not with a pair of 580s on. These patent-packed lenses raise the red, blue and green areas to amazing levels, while eliminating much of the yellow light. The result is purer vision, deeper colors and sharper contrast. Costa 580 lenses are available in gray, copper, blue and green mirrors, making them the perfect choice for any conditions.

Caballito is the name Panamanians give to a particular baitfish. It means "little horse," which is fitting because these frames are ready to work. Whether you're following a machete through the jungle, cranking on a sail or looking for an open hammock, Caballito fits the bill. Flexible integral hinges, sturdy nylon frame, Hydrolite nose pads and excellent coverage make this frame ready for surf, sand or open water.

• Hinge Type: Integral

• Lens Size: Medium-Large

• Frame Fit: Medium

• Lenses: Polycarbonate or 580 Glass

• Frame Material: Nylon

• : Rx-able

Available in these frame colors, Shiny Tortoise, Shiny Black, White/Black, Driftwood, Black/Coral, Black/Green. With lenses available in four styles:

580G: This is their premier glass based lens, offered in Blue Mirror (gray based), Green Mirror ( copper/amber based ), Silver Mirror (copper based ), Gray and Copper.

580P: This is their premier polycarbonate lens, offered in Gray, Amber and Copper.

400G: This is the glass lens that put Costa on the map. It is 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the average the average polarized glass. Offered in a Blue Mirror (gray based), Green Mirror (copper/amber based), Gray and Amber.

400P: This is their CR-39 Plastic/Polycarbonate lens that is highly impact resistant and lightweight that virtually outperforms every other lens in its class. Offered in Blue Mirror (gray based), Gray and Amber.

ALL Costa Sunglasses are hand-assembled at their Florida facilities. In other words, before a customer ever checks them out, we do! Most of the larger sunglass companies outsource their production and assembly, but not us. It's the only way we can ensure that our customers get the absolute best we have to offer.

Because we monitor the quality of every pair of sunglasses we build, we back them with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If a pair of Costas needs to be fixed, they get sent back to the shop where they were made and the experts who built them will bring them back to 'like-new' standards.

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