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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Costa Blackfin Sunglasses with Silver 580 Lens

Ivan Orsic / May 13, 2011

If you're looking for a sunglass and more importantly a lens that will actually improve your vision, look no further then the Costa 580 Glass Lens.

What We Say:

If you're looking for a sunglass and more importantly a lens that will actually improve your vision, look no further then the Costa 580 Glass Lens. Arguably this is the single best lens I've ever worn. I personally like to fish and recreate in their 580 Silver Mirror which is a copper based lens with a silver mirrored film on the exterior surface. When I first put these on I noticed that these lenses really enhanced everything I looked at, especially green and red hues. This I find to be critical in my fishing, allowing me to see contrasts in water depth, structure and most importantly fish. If there was ever an 'x-ray vision' lens, this would be it.

With regards to the frame, it is extremely well thought out without sacrificing style. A larger frame that essentially eliminates light from both the side and underneath, it allows your eyes to fish under less fatigue creating glare. What I really like about the frame is their tough nylon and Hydrolite fusion, essentially creating a frame that grips your skin the more you sweat. This accompanied with the best lens on the market creates one hell of a stylish and fishy pair of sunglasses.

Last Minute Thoughts:

I highly recommend finding a frame that suites your face/style and matching that with Costa's 580G lens...you will not be disappointed.

What They Say:

Put on a pair of Costa 580 lenses and you'll have the clearest visual experience on the planet. In fact, when many people try on their first pair, they equate it to seeing in High Definition. 580 Technology blocks yellow light at 580 nanometers while enhancing reds, blues and greens. The result is less "visual noise" and better contrast and definition. They also reduce blur and the appearance of haze for even greater clarity. And the efficiency of the 100% polarization and 100% UV protection of the lens minimizes reflected glare and visual fatigue while providing protection from the sun's harmful rays.


You might have gallons of brine in your face and 600 pounds on your hook, but these glasses still won't slip. The Hydrolite®co-injected lining takes care of that, and the flexible frame means serious comfort. Blackfin pushes the edge in sunglass performance--so you can push it everywhere else.

  • Hinge Type: Integral
  • Frame Fit: Medium-Large
  • Lens Size: Large
  • Lenses Available: Glass or Polycarbonate
  • Co-Injected Frames
  • Corrosion-Resistant Alloys
  • RX-able

Available in three frame colors, Shiny Tortoise, Black and Gunmetal. With lenses available in four styles:

· 580G: This is their premier glass based lens, offered in Blue Mirror (gray based), Green Mirror ( copper/amber based ), Silver Mirror (copper based ), Gray and Copper.

· 580P: This is their premier polycarbonate lens, offered in Gray, Amber and Copper.

· 400G: This is the glass lens that put Costa on the map. It is 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the average the average polarized glass. Offered in a Blue Mirror (gray based), Green Mirror (copper/amber based), Gray and Amber.

· 400P: This is their CR-39 Plastic/Polycarbonate lens that is highly impact resistant and lightweight that virtually outperforms every other lens in its class. Offered in Blue Mirror (gray based), Gray and Amber.

ALL Costa Sunglasses are hand-assembled at their Florida facilities. In other words, before a customer ever checks them out, we do! Most of the larger sunglass companies outsource their production and assembly, but not us. It's the only way we can ensure that our customers get the absolute best we have to offer.

Because we monitor the quality of every pair of sunglasses we build, we back them with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If a pair of Costas needs to be fixed, they get sent back to the shop where they were made and the experts who built them will bring them back to 'like-new' standards.

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