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Trouts Journal

Gear Review- Fishpond Hookjaw River Tool

Ivan Orsic / Mar 25, 2015

Hey there everyone, Kyle Wilkinson from Trouts Fly Fishing here to tell you about another accessory from Fishpond that in my opinion, is a no brainer to have with you on the river. The Hook Jaw River Tool. This handy little tool serves several purposes, all designed to make your time on the river easier. We’ll start with the tippet gauge. Now I realize the size of the tippet being used is printed on your tippet spool, however when dealing with technical trout, it’s never a bad idea to double check that you’re using the proper size for the conditions your facing. To use, simply line up your tippet to the appropriate marking- you can see here they are labeled from 2x down to 7x- and then insert your tippet into the little groove on the top of the tool. If the tippet you’re using matches up with the number printed on the side then take comfort knowing you’re totally dialed in from a tippet perspective. The next two features of this are a built in line cutter, located right here on the mouth of this little fish, and bottle opener, located on the bottom fin…because let’s face it, sometimes a cold beverage is very necessary after a long day on the water. Lastly, the Hook Jaw River Tool can easily attach to any pack or vest with the attachment hole located on the opposite end of the tool making for easy use and access when the time arrises. Again, this the Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool and you can get yours today at Trouts Fly Fishing, or troutsflyfishign.com.

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