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Gear Review: G-Loomis GLX Max Line Speed 690-4 Fly Rod

Ivan Orsic / Apr 4, 2011

What We Say:

When looking for the fastest five weight I could find the last time I was in the shop, I casted the BIIMX, the Z- Axis as well as a Scott Rod and lastly G. Loomis MAX GLX. The MAX, by far, was the fastest rod in the group. Although all fine rods, the perfect tip flex of the MAX allows for super tight loops and pinpoint accuracy. This rod truly is the all-around, go-to rod. This rod works great from the banks and when chucking streamers from the boat. There is never a debate in my mind when and if to bring the MAX - it works for nearly everything on the river in Colorado. Don't think twice about putting at least a couple bead head nymphs on because the MAX will throw them. Mending is unparalleled. To have that much power and accuracy is almost unfair. Minimize your false casts and keep your flies in the water with this beast because one haul and you'll hit your target. Double haul and you might think your fishing a six weight. Perfect for those windy Colorado afternoons. Couple all that power and accuracy with one of the better warranty departments in the industry at Loomis and purchasing this rod is a no brainer. This rod will become your do everything rod. Tip: fish a half line size up and you won't be disappointed- even with your distance casts. Try a Sharkskin Magnum Taper for a true fast action setup.

Last Minute Thoughts:

There are few hand cannons out there in a five weight this is one of them. Enough rod to blast a streamer from the boat with precision. An amazing rod. Not one bad thing to say about it.

What They Say:

The Max GLX are the result of the need for ultimate speed and control under the most demanding casting and fishing conditions. Ideally suited to casters that demand fast cycle time, these rods have the extra-stiff action and fast taper needed to push streamers to pockets while drifting the river in a raft or drift boat. This rod is also excellent for long line nymphing with split shot and indicator, or to make a tight cast into a stiff wind. When you want to take control no matter the conditions the Max GLX is your rod.

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