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Gear Review- Kast Steelhead Glove

Ivan Orsic / Feb 1, 2015

Kast Extreme Fishing Gear has been around for a number of years now, and I feel like most people have probably heard of them at this point. The company is owned by a group with Steelheading in their blood and their products reflect it. If you're looking for gear to take on the elements when things get a little 'hardcore' out there (sorry, but using the term Extreme as part of your brand's name just begs for the use of such terms) then look no further than Kast. If you've never checked their stuff out before, click HERE.

Without a doubt, one of their most popular items, (and truthfully the item that put them on the map) is their Steelhead Glove. This totally waterproof glove has become a stape item for countless anglers who's season never stops, no matter the conditions. To quote Kast, "Dipping your bare hands in a near freezing river is never fun. Our Steelhead gloves were specifically designed to keep your hands dry and warm all day in the worst weather conditions." I'm still yet to find a person who doesn't support the truth of this statement.

I just got an email from Kast the other day recommending I check out a Thermal Imaging test they did on the Steelhead Glove. If you weren't already convinced on the bomb-proofness of this glove, this will change your mind. Pretty interesting test to say the least.

And now for the good news- we've got the Steelhead Glove in stock at the shop! We've got several months left of fishing in sub-tshirt weather conditions. Get your Steelhead Gloves today and keep your digits toasty! View the Steelhead Glove HERE.

Check out this quick video on the Steelhead in action and then click the image below to check out the results from the Thermal Imaging test as well below!

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