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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Kelly Galloup’s Sex Dungeon Streamer

Ivan Orsic / May 20, 2011

What we say

Big...really big. When I first saw this pattern roll into Trout's Fly Fishing I was astonished that a fly that big was meant for a trout. At close to 4" long, this bug was as big as many of the brookies I've caught in my life. To say I'm a streamer fanatic would be an understatement. I would rather swing streamers and bang streamers against the bank from the bow of a boat then catch an epic green drake hatch on the Roaring Fork. There's something about watching a fish come from nowhere and chase down your offering. The animalistic behavior of trout really comes out when they're in hot pursuit of something big and chewy. Well this fly meets those criteria.

My most recent fishing trip was to the North Fork of the South Platte River, just below the North Fork Ranch, home to huge rainbows and browns. Because we are in the initial stages of spring runoff, many of these large fish get "washed" down stream to the public holding water. Needless to say, when I presented this fly into any soft pocket or back eddy along the far bank, fish literally did cartwheels trying to track this thing down. I highly recommend "roping up", fishing shorter/heavier leaders and tippets, because these things aren't cheap. At $6.00 a pop, it would make a very expensive tree ornament or fish piercing.

Last Minute Thoughts:

Though on the expensive side, they are worth their weight in gold. An amazing streamer that actually works well and is super fun to fish.

What They Say:

This fly is an articulated pattern with two hooks joined together and is meant to imitate a large baitfish, sculpin or even a smaller trout. The articulation on the Sex Dungeon allows for a very seductive, undulating action unmatched by smaller conventional streamers. Big morsels such as this tend to really pull the monsters out of their lairs, giving you the opportunity to see where they live and what entices them. Oftentimes this offering is plenty to entice them to rip 100' of line off your reel!

Available in size #4 and in a bounty of colors: white, black, yellow, craw orange, olive and natural (mottled tan/brown/blue).

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