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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Palsa Pinch On Floats Strike Indicator

Ivan Orsic / Jul 6, 2011

What we say

This was probably 10 or more years ago, a time when the yarn poly-vee was as good as it got...at least, so I thought! While sight fishing a decent run, holding a few wily rainbows, I noticed that whenever my massive "ball of yarn" came over them that they would move to the side. Once my rig had drifted through, yep you guessed it, they would move right back. Absurd I thought, fish can't be that smart. That was one of my first introductions to highly educated trout that were sensitive to both indicators and split shot. Upon my realization, I voiced my frustration to my buddy just upstream. He had the solution, Palsa Pinch On Strike Indicators...his were white. Since that day, even with the advent of the varying sizes/colors of the Thingamambobber, I've carried Palsa Pinch On Indicators in my bag.

Inexpensive, highly visible yet subtle, easily attaches, bouyant...these are all reasons to fish Palsa Pinch Ons. I personally fish both white and fluorescent orange, sometimes in tandem. Placing my white Palsa closer to the flies, with my orange one approximately 18" above it. This allows me to have an idea of where my flies are drifting, directionally speaking. Fishing tandem colors also allows me to track these tiny indicators through moving water and varying light conditions. What I truly like the most about these indicators is their "splash factor", or lack thereof. These things are extremely subtle, displacing virtually no water upon landing at the top of your drift. There's nothing worse then "plunking" down a big Thingamambobber at the top of a run, knowing that you probably just sounded the siren of your presence. Another tip when fishing the Palsa Pinch On, carry a Sharpie Marker with you. There may be a time when even a Palsa Pinch On may warn trout of your presence. When this is the case darken it up a bit by coloring it in, leaving only a sliver of its original color. This indicator is all about stealth.

What they Say

Available in four colors: white, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green and fluorescent pink.

Comes in a pack of 24.

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