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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Renzetti Traveler 2200 Series Vise

Ivan Orsic / May 20, 2011

What we say

Having tied on this vise for the last three years, I can say that, without a doubt, it is the most capable and versatile vise I have ever tied on. With a small jaw adjustment, I can go from a size 22 midge to a 3/0 pike monstrosity, and have a snug hold on both. Being true, inline, rotary, tedious tasks like wrapping thread bodies are made simple by a quick twist of the index finger. Palmering with the true rotary, is effortless, and with the ability to control the rotation of the hook, even spacing between wraps is a breeze. With the addition of the bobbin cradle, you no longer have to worry about your spools coming loose or over wrapping, as it its securely fastened and out of the way. After three years of heavy use, the durability of the vise is definitely not in question; as it has bounced back from a being over tightened, over cranked and any number of zap-a-gap spills. The rubber O- Ring, which many cite as the most likely place for something to go awry, is still holding strong after thousands of expansions. The Renzetti Traveler Fly Tying Vise, has consistently proven itself more than capable in all tying situations that arise, from Trout to Saltwater species, and looks as though it will be seeing many more hooks in the years to come.

What they say

The Traveler Vise is a true rotary vise which will handle all hooks from #28 to #4/0 with exceptional gripping power. The Traveler is ideal for taking on trips or to the stream since the C-clamp model only weighs 8 ounces. Many excellent fly tiers use a Traveler as their "only" vise. Novice as well as the experienced tiers will find this vise highly functional and of excellent quality. True rotary, which means that the hook may be rotated 360 degrees while the shank remains in the same plane.The Traveler 2200 Series has a clear and black industrial grade anodized finish which makes every piece of each vise harder and more rigid. Standard features are a bobbin cradle, case hardened cam jaws, rotary tension screw, and black powder coated base or c-clamp. Features and functions mimic much more expensive vises.

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