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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Rio Outbound Short Floating Fly Line

Ivan Orsic / May 17, 2011

What we say

I purchased this line as an all around warm water line in an 8wt. Shooting miles of line and turning over big flies is no problem, shooting line and casting is definitely this lines strong suit. The distinct color transition between head and running line is a great added feature, as you can see exactly where the line loads the rod. Versatility and durability is not the greatest. While marked as a cold water line, any temp under 50* and the core of the running line coils intensely, making shooting line near impossible. In Colorado's dramatic climate, I would have afternoons where the line would perform great, and as soon as the sun went down, and the temp dropped slightly, it would coil beyond use. Durability also seems to be poor, as there was noticeable cracking and coating breakdown after two months of use. After 6 months it has now degraded long past its useable life, and has become a parking lot practice line.

What they say

A short head version of the incredibly popular OutBound lines. They are ideal for wading anglers or for coping with tough winds and big flies when a short head is necessary. The head is only 30 ft long and ensures fast, one-shot casts for maximum distance. The lighter sized lines are excellent for the trout angler fishing out of a drift boat and without doubt the very best choice of line for float tubers, while the larger sizes are particularly useful for the striper fly fisher. The line is built on a supple core and features a coldwater coating with XS Technology for extreme distance.

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