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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Rio Trout LT WF3F Fly Line

Ivan Orsic / Jul 20, 2011

What we say

Looking for a new 3 weight fly line for my little Redington, I thought what better time to try out Rio's "new" Trout LT fly line. Having been a fan of Rio's fly lines for many years, the Rio Gold and Rio Grand fly lines are fantastic. Upon inspection of "line profile" I decided this is what I needed, a long body and front taper, wrapped around a extremely supple core. I thought to myself that this thing should place a #16 Royal Stimulator into a 6" wide feeding lane with pinpoint accuracy, which it does...perfectly. I opted for the dual tone combo of Camo/Beige, liking the idea of having the tip be a stealthy, muted color. There's not much to say about this line except that it does everything I had expected it to do. Great line to think about the next time you're replacing or upgrading your presentation line.

What they say

Rio's Trout LT line is designed for the ultimate in performance for traditional trout fly fishing techniques. A long, delicate front taper ensures the softest of presentations, making the line perfect for dry flies, soft hackles, emergers, small nymphs and chironomids, while an extended body gives the line stability at range, and makes mending and roll casting easy. The weight distribution helps load a fly rod when fishing at close range and is ideal for all but the fastest of fly rods. The Trout LT is created with a supple braided multifilament core and features an extremely supple, memory-free coating which makes these high floating lines incredibly easy to lift quietly off the water. Rio's Technologies result in a very smooth, slick, dirt repelling finish and ensures that the line tip doesn't sink.


- Long, delicate front taper for the softest of presentations

- Long body for easy mending and roll casting

- Ultra supple, coldwater coating on braided multifilament core

- WF line features DualTone to easily identify the "sweet spot", ideal loading point

- AgentX coating for ultimate buoyancy and smoothness

- XS Technology for extreme slickness

- Super Floatation Technology ensures the tip will stay afloat

- Welded loops on both ends

- Available in Beige/Sage and Camo/Beige

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