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Gear Review: Simms G3 Guide Wader

Ivan Orsic / May 17, 2011

What We Say:

I still remember the first pair of Simms waders I ever purchased. They were the old Simms Classic Guide Weights, khaki version that set the industry ablaze when it came to being lightweight, highly breathable and incredibly durable. That was 13 years and 3 pairs of waders ago! Now on my second pair of G3's, the first finally going into retirement last year, I'm pleased to say that the Simms brand still sets the bar that all other waders within this industry are measured against. From 2005-2010, I was literally living in my first generation G3 waders. At the time I was living up in the Vail Valley, with miles and miles of fishable water literally out my front door. In addition to using them on my own fishing time, I also frequently found myself working in them too. Having guided/managed fly shops in the Vail Valley for close to 8 seasons, these waders saw many a stretch of river, fence post, briar patch and steep embankment. Whatever I threw at them, they held up. After about 5 seasons and close to 800 days on the water it was time to invest in a new pair of waders. Luckily for me, Simms had released a newer version. The impossible was made possible, Simms actually improved upon what I believed was the greatest wader I had ever owned. With the articulated legs, front and center seam technology, Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric, left and right anatomically correct Japanese neoprene, nicer belt loop system, better closure system on large storage pocket.

I know a lot of people balk at paying this much money for a pair of waders. For those of you who fish a ton, are hard on your stuff or simply need to have the best...look no further than the Simms lineup of Gore-Tex breathable waders. Why you may be asking do I not stop at saying the G3's are the BEST? Well, technically they're not. If you want the absolute in durability and are willing to sacrifice a bit on breathability, I would highly recommend the Simms G4 Pro. In the Simms G4 Pro, the 5 layers of Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric extends beyond just the legs and into the entire torso and seat of the wader. Talk about burly. If you want the BEST wader on the market, go with the G4 Z (Zipper). All the benefits of the G4's durability, with the added bonus of a large Aquaseal YKK Zipper running down the front. These things leak only when YOU want to. The benefit of the zipper, besides relieving yourself, is the ease at which you can put on and take off your waders. In addition to the zipper, you get a huge step up on the suspender/suspension system...extremely comfortable.

There you have it. The G3 Guide Waders are my wader of choice because they keep me extremely comfortable and are insanely durable.

Last Minute Thoughts:

If you want a pair of waders that will last you (almost) a lifetime, don't look any further than Simms Fishing Products. They truly make the best waders and wading products on the market today.

What They Say:

Each pair of Simms G3 waders is designed to allow for comfort in all fishing situations - sitting, kneeling, hiking and getting to your secret fishing hole. An "ease of use" is built into the measurements and we offer the widest range of sizes to accommodate almost every body type. The G4 and G3 series waders, our highest performance waders, feature Simms' patented front and back leg seam construction. This design offers unprecedented leg articulation, superior fit without fabric bunching and significantly minimizes seam abrasion by removing seams from critical high-wear areas. Additionally, all G3 waders feature anatomically correct left and right feet utilizing high-density neoprene and seam tape.

Every pair of Simms waders is completely pressure tested with water before they are shipped to ensure the lowest leakage and return rates in the industry. We adhere to strict and rigorous methods of inspection througout the production process to guarantee the highest quality waders. All of this is done at our facilities in Bozeman, Montana...U.S.A.

G3 Guide Waders Feature:

  1. Tough 5-Layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric is used throughout the legs, adding increased durability against briar, fence posts and barbed wire. Think redundancy, rip 3 layers and you still got 2 left to keep you warm and dry.
  2. Tough 3-Layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric is used throughout the upper leg and chest/core areas. This allows for a highly breathable wader when things get hot.
  3. Reach-through hand warmer pocket and zippered chest pocket. The fleece lined hand warming pocket is similar to that of a kangaroo, warm and cozy. The zippered chest pocket too is like that of a kangaroo, large and spacious.
  4. Patented pre-curved front and back leg seams for added comfort and durability. This allows for freedom of movement and overall comfort.
  5. Patented built in gravel guards. Gravel guards are essential in prolonging the life of your neoprene booties. By mitigating what sediment, rocks/sand, can get into your boots, you will experience less abrasive wear and tear on the seams and neoprene itself.
  6. Made in Montana, U.S.A.
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