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Gear Review: Simms Headwaters Convertible Stockingfoot Waders

Ivan Orsic / Aug 18, 2015

After last year's cornhole tournament, I started looking for a new pair of waders. After trying on a few of Simms offerings I ended up settling on the Headwaters Convertible Waders, which I’ve been more than happy with since buying.

The wader features two hooks that latch onto the front of the suspenders and a Velcro harness that straps to the back. I was initially worried about how difficult it would be to secure the Velcro on the back, but it’s straightforward and hasn’t been an issue. A drawstring around the top allows you to cinch the wader when converting to the chest setup. The Headwaters Convertibles are also built with a 3-ply layering system featuring Gore-Tex which gives it solid durability and a lot of breathablity . I tend to be extremely hard on my gear and wasn’t sure how they would hold up compared to something like the 5 layer version like the G3’s have. Even after hiking through thick brush and wading in many different areas I haven’t had any issues with tears or leaks.

What do the convertible waders do better than others? In my opinion, it gives angler’s versatility. This wader is great for those who find themselves facing fluctuating air and water temperatures. In Colorado, where we encounter substantial weather shifts, I’ve found the waders to have many practical uses. For example, I’ll utilize the normal chest conversion during the colder morning hours when in the mountains and then switch to the pant style as the temperature rises. If you find yourself as one of those people who run on the hotter side, this is a good option to check out as well.

Even if you weren't currently in the market for a new set of waders, we encourage you to stop in and try a new pair on. If you have any questions about waders feel free to swing by the shop or give us a call at 303-433-1434.

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