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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Trout’s Signature Fly Boxes

Ivan Orsic / Mar 25, 2013

What we say

These fly boxes are awesome. They have been hot sellers in the shop but I have never been able to test them out in the field. When I say “test them out in the field” I actually mean stick them in my pocket and walk a saltwater flat. Before my trip to Honduras I picked up large and medium sized boxes. I put my smaller bonefish patterns in the smaller box and my larger shrimp and crab patterns in the larger box. Both of the snap fasteners worked great – they held tight yet were easy enough to open and close. And, per usual when I walk a flat, I end up going deeper than I intend and submerging whatever is in my pockets – in this case, the smaller of the two fly boxes. End result: flies were dry. Both boxes went down in my carry on bag to Honduras and both were packed in my larger checked bag on the return flight home. Over the entire course of the six flights, hustle-and-bustle, and numerous boat rides, both fly boxes emerged without a scratch. And my flies remained secure and intact in each box – not a tangled heap of hooks, rubber legs and fur. Stamp-of-approval.

The Trout's Signature Waterproof Fly Box on location in Guanaja, Honduras

What they say

Quick Overview

Hold a full day of flies in this 2 sided fly box with clear lids, high density slotted foam liners both sides, stainless steel hinge pins, soft silicone seals create a waterproof fit, tuff clear ABS see-through lids, tight fit latches, very durable and strong. 6" x 4" x 1.5"

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