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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Waterworks Ketchum Release

Ivan Orsic / Jul 7, 2011

What we say

I was given my Ketchum Release, Midge Size, as a gift by a good friend because I was always complaining about having to bring along a net. Not one to take pictures (unless it's a true trophy), I tend to try and catch then release my fish as quickly as possible. This little gizmo allows me to do it easily. As described above, you never have to touch your fish. (Don't forget to assist/resuscitate your fish if necessary...the Ketchum Release doesn't do that) Your hands stay warm and cozy when fishing those artic days on the tailwaters of the South Platte, Fryingpan or Taylor. And best of all, gone are the days when that fish slips through your hands as your go to unhook it, only to speed off in an attempt to give you a "taste of your own medicine"...in the form of digging your dropper into your hand! We've all been there...painful.

What they say

This is a great gift idea or addition to anyone's vest. A must have for the person that seemingly has it all.

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