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Trouts Journal

Gear Review: Winston BIIIX 590-4

Ivan Orsic / May 17, 2011

What we say

I was never a big fan of the BIIX series, as I always thought the rods were too soft to be a very versatile fly rod. I was very excited to hear that Winston was going to come out with a new Boron IIIX series, and I had my first opportunity to cast them in August of 2010. My first impression was that the BIIIX was a drastic improvement over the BIIX, as the new rod felt much stiffer in hand. I didn't have a chance to really put this rod to the test until January of this year when I became a Winston Pro Staff Angler and was able to get a couple new BIIIX rods. I have been fishing this rod series exclusively for the past 5 months, and I can say with 100% honesty that the new BIIIX is an amazing rod. It has everything there is to love about a Winston fly rod, yet it is so much more versatile and forgiving then the old BIIX. I have fished this rod all over the Colorado Front Range and High Country on a variety of rivers and lakes with everything from small dry flies to heavy nymph rigs. So far this fly rod has been able to handle everything I throw at it with the ease and precision you would expect from a Winston Fly Rod. We'll now just have to see how it performs under the rigors of summer dry/dropper fishing... stay tuned!

What they say

About the Boron IIIX Series:

"Incredible" is the only way to describe this new series; they are arguably the finest fly rods ever made. Utilizing higher modulus third generation Boron/Graphite composite, Boron IIIx rods offer unprecedented performance. They have an even broader casting range that lets anglers control line speed for long casts directly into the wind or gentle presentations up close. They feature a stronger butt section for lifting more line off the water. They are highly responsive and very powerful, yet lightweight with great feel and liveliness. In the words of our technical advisor Joan Wulff, "Boron IIIx rods are an amazing combination of speed, power and Winston smoothness." Boron IIIx rods come with our new, striking lightweight graphite rod tube.

About the 590-4:

Perhaps the ideal, high-performance all-around rods with an extremely wide casting range. Light, powerful, smooth, fun to cast. Able to cast in close with small flies, and yet capable of generating significant line speeds to punch into strong winds or cover longer distances with larger flies without feeling stiff. This is what fishing can be like on larger rivers - sometimes you need a rod that can do everything. Like a top-of-the-line sports car: you can "feel" that the power is in your hands, in your control.

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