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Trouts Journal

Get A Hardy And Get Clickin’

Ivan Orsic / Dec 11, 2015

Fly reels have come a long ways over the years. The technology used in the actual machining of reels, as well as the all important drag systems continues to improve and there's no denying it's to all of our benefits. But is pushing the limits of fly reel and drag design always the answer? Do you really need a drag system capable of stopping a bonefish on your 3-weight that's just begging to get bent by a 10" brook trout in a high mountain stream? The answer is no. Is there anything wrong with fishing a reel with these features. The answer again is no. One of the great things about our sport is that we as anglers certainly have no shortage of some pretty incredible gear to mix and match to suit our preferences. If you like knowing your drag could stop a nascar then by all means, keep fishing it. However, if you don't fall into this category for your trouty escapades then the following might just be exactly what you're looking for.

Before the days of cork, carbon, and stacked teflon that seem to dominate the world of drag systems these days, all anglers had to rely on was the good ol' click pawl reel. The funny thing is, anglers during this time were still bringing plenty of big fish to hand. When it comes to click pawl reels, perhaps no brand was more instrumental in perfecting this game than Hardy. Around for over 100 years, Hardy reels have set the standard for craftsmanship, quality and mastering that audibly soothing 'click' we all love to hear when a fish decides to make a run.

These reels will be perfectly at home on your fiberglass, bamboo or small stream setups, however come in sizes big enough to handle most any finned opponent you decide to tackle. If you haven't checked out a click pawl lately, swing on by the shop or head to our online store. I have a feeling it will be the answer many of you have been looking for....even if you didn't know you were looking for one.

Hardy Wide Spool Perfect- The reel that started it all. The first Hardy Perfect hit the market over 100 years ago and set the standard for quality and dependability. There have been several versions of the Perfect over the years and this latest rendition has continued to raise the bar. Featuring a wider spool design for better backing capacity, stainless ball bearings and time proven check system, Ivorine handle, easily changed from left to right hand retrieve, soft leather sheepskin lined reel pouch, and engineered from bar stock aluminium with naval brass 1pc spindle. Made by Hardy Bros master craftsmen in Alnwick, England.

Hardy Bougle- The first Hardy Bouglé reel was catalogued in 1903, and was, as it remains to this day, a variation on the famous Hardy Perfect reel. The Bougle features a sweet sounding, wide ranging check system, deep anodised bar stock aluminium in Pearl Silver finish, naval brass bush and spindle, can be easily changed from left- to right-hand retrieve, and comes with a soft leather sheepskin lined reel pouch. Made by Hardy Bros master craftsmen in Alnwick, England.

Hardy Duchess- The Hardy Duchess is part of the Hardy Heritage line of reels. Machined directly out of Aluminum barstock, the Hardy is extremely durable and has aspects from past reels built into the design. The Duchess features an ambidextrous, fully adjustable click check mechanism, vented frame and spool, 'Split Cage' frame design, hollow recessed stainless steel spindle, twin line guides for full LHW/RHW compatibility, and wooden handle. Made by Hardy Bros master craftsmen in Alnwick, England.

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