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Trouts Journal

Getting Geared Up for Late Winter Dry Flies

Ivan Orsic / Feb 7, 2020

It's a scientific fact that days are getting longer here in Colorado. Prove us wrong! You can't! As we progress through the month of February, winter dry fly opportunities should become more and more frequent. We've seen some pretty good winter dry fly action when the conditions are right over the past couple of weeks and when the conditions are right, happy rising fish can be found and fooled on small dry flies.

There are plenty of challenges with presenting small dry flies to picky fish. As always, presentation is key! When those midges are popping, we want you to be prepped and ready to cast and present with confidence. With that in mind, we've put together a collection of gear that will help you step up your winter dry fly game.

Scott G Series Fly Rod

The G Series is made to toss dry flies with it's medium action and smooth delivery. The re-designed G Series is more flexible, stronger, and lighter than it's predecessor and this rod flat out performs when the big lights are on and it's time to deliver that small dry fly in rhythm to that pod of rising trout.

Ross Evolution LTX Fly Reel

You don't need a lot of stopping power when fishing those required light tippets to winter risers. While the Evolution LTX has plenty of stopping power, it has features the silky smooth drag that you've come to expect out of a Ross Reel over the years. Protecting tippet is the name of the game...and the Evolution LTX will do just that.

Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack

Waterproof, submersible and extremely rugged - the all-new Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack features the Tru Zip self-healing zipper. It's a smaller hip pack, which is perfect for those simple winter days, when boxes and boxes of flies aren't required.

RIO Technical Trout Fly Line

Delicate presentations and small flies are required for success in the winter dry fly fishing game. Thankfully, RIO designed the Technical Trout for just such scenarios. With a long, fine front taper, the Technical Trout is perfect for turning over long leaders to technical feeders at distance.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Stealth Leader

When presenting small dries to picky winter risers, stealth is key. We've ranted and raved about the new Absolute Leader and Tippet from SA for a while now. With it's high wet knot strength and optimal suppleness, it's the best stuff on the market. How does the Absolute Trout Stealth Leader & Tippet differ from the standard Absolute Trout Leader & Tippet? It has a light olive tint that helps to reduce line flash when fishing to ultra spooky fish.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Stealth Tippet

If you're going to do it, do it right. Like the Absolute Trout Stealth Leader material above, this Stealth tippet has a light olive tint that reduces line flash. Seems like a good thing.

Shimazaki Dry Shake

It's the best. Specifically, for drying and reconditioning flies. Combine Dry Shake with Gink or Aquel and now you've got yourself a great dry fly floatant system.

Fishpond Tacky Original Fly Box - 2X

You've got to put your Griffith's Gnats and Hi-Vis Midges somewhere. Might we suggest the Fishpond Tacky Original Fly Box - 2X! It's got tremendous carrying capacity with a super slim profile.

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