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Trouts Journal

Photos Essay: Granby Ranch

Ivan Orsic / Apr 1, 2017

Tanner's "A Day at Granby Ranch" Blog, explained a perfect day on the water at Granby Ranch which should absolutely be fished this spring! The Granby Ranch, located a scenic hour and 45 minute drive from Denver, is the newest property added to our private water offerings. Located on the Fraser River, just outside of Granby, Colorado, this gold medal tributary of the mighty Colorado River offers anglers the ultimate western fly-fishing experience. During any given day on this 3 mile long, meandering meadow freestone, an angler will have the opportunity to fish nymphs, streamers and dry flies to the completely wild brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout that inhabit its waters. A series of shallow riffles, runs, and tailouts, connected to deep bend pools provide all the necessary ingredients to grow some truly great fish. This river is full of aquatic bug life and will always provide anglers the opportunity to “match the hatch” throughout the day. Rest assured, a day spent on the Granby Ranch with family or friends will be a wonderfully memorable experience.

One of my favorite shots from the day. A few bends up from where we stared on Beat 3.

Granby Ranch is for the most part going to be that serene “private water” water experience where you and your fellow anglers will touch some beautifully colored up trout.

The structure is amazing up here.

You’re lighter trout setups wont let you down here. Pictured here is the older Ross Evolution LT (see the newest version Evolution R here) with a 9’ 4wt Winston BIIIX.

Granby Ranch gives off more of a relaxed vibe while fishing there. No judgment thrown out for rigging while sitting, or in Tanner’s case of laying down.

The fish are happy and beautiful up here.

Fish are exactly where they’re supposed to be on each of the beats at Granby Ranch.

Fish that 4wt and have yourself a great time with every fish you touch!

The look of “oh sh*t I missed that fish AGAIN” from Tanner .

I never really take pictures of my friends when they hook into branches, but I felt it was a good opportunity as Tanner generally is holding big fish on his Instagram account.

A Circus Peanut is one of the pricier streamers in the bin (but by no means the most expensive as we have everything you could ever want), which pretty much equates to the Pro V1 golf ball that even if it goes in the water, you’re still going to ponder grabbing it instead of walking away.

Here's a bright brown with a purple fu manchu mustache.

One of many "Tanner Smith" faces with fish.

There was a few fish in there!

Work your water here at Granby, you will find those fish, we guarantee it!

Tanner continues to work his way upstream with each cast.

You can find that stillness up here. It will be found as soon as you step foot in the water.

Classic western trouts shots of fish.

Rain at the end of the day instead of snow. It was a great conclusion to the day taking in the breathtaking views of this exclusive property.

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