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Guess Denver Trout Unlimited’s bar tab and win…

Ivan Orsic / May 17, 2012

Guess Denver Trout Unlimited’s bar tab and win…

Last time Denver Trout Unlimited threw a social gathering at the Skylark Lounge they racked up a measly $384 bar tab. On May 22, the Carp Slam VI Season Launch party is happening and we’re taking bets: guess next week’s bar tab at the Skylark and win a Tim Romano original cover print (Angling Trade cover image December 2010 and subject of a Backpacker Magazine article*). We’re playing “The Price is Right” rules - closest to the pin without going over wins.

Here’s how you play: send your best guess of the tab to will@troutsflyfishing.com. Please be specific and take it to the penny ($XXX.XX). The results and the winner will be announced on May 23 and the winner notified via email and announced on Facebook. Last call for entries is 5:00pm (MST) May 22.

Please feel free to join Denver Trout Unlimited and the gear heads from Trout’s Fly Fishing as we attempt to rack up a hefty tab and talk fly fishing on the DSP. You won’t find more Denver South Platte carp geeks under a single roof on a Tuesday night...anywhere on this planet.

The Skylark Lounge

140 South Broadway Denver, CO 80209
(303) 722-7844

* Back Packer: "Let’s start with this amazing image. What was your process for making this photo?

Tim Romano: Not so sure it's amazing, but thanks for the vote of confidence. Well, some buddies and I rode what's called the Steelhead Train in eastern Oregon. Shot it [Nikon d700, 20-35mm lens, 1/80 second at f/7.1, ISO 250] and threw some tilt and shift magic via PS on it, and viola. That's about it.


For more information on the event:


Big thanks to Tim Romano for donating his print to DTU.

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