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Trouts Journal

How To Tie a Griffith's Gnat - Trouts Fly Fishing

Brandon Rodriguez / Jan 7, 2022

If you're looking for a quick, easy, and super useful fly to tie and fish this winter, look no further than the Griffith's Gnat. A classic dry fly for winter midges, the Griffith's Gnat only uses four materials including the hook and thread. This fly is super versatile and is one of the Five Flies for January! Relax this Sunday with this simple and fun tie!

Fly Tying Material List:

Step One

After you secure your Hook - TMC 101 Dry Fly Hook - Size 22 in your vise, you will need to establish your thread base with your Uni 8/0 Fly Tying Thread. Do this by making flat wraps rearwards stopping just before the hook shank as the image dictates above.

Step Two

For step number two you will want to secure a single piece of your Gold Grade Whiting dry fly saddle hackle just above the bend of your hook. For the best results, you will want to remove a few fibers from the feather.

Step Three

With your hackle secured, now you will take one strand of your Hareline Peacock Herl - 5-7" and secure a single stand in the same way you did with the previous material.

Step Four

Now that all your materials are tied in begin to make forward wraps with your peacock herl stopping just before the eye of the hook. Once you have made it to the eye of the hook secure your wrapped peacock herl with two or three tight thread wraps. It is best to use a set of hackle pliers but, if you have a steady grip your fingers will work too.

Step Five

Similar to the step above, you will begin making tight forward wraps with your Whiting dry fly saddle hackle. Remember to stop just before the eye of the hook just as you did with your peacock herl. Once complete make two or three tight thread wraps securing your hackle them trim the excess. Make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors with you such as the Umpqua Dream Stream Scissor

Step Six

Once your materials are secured in place finish your fly with two or three whip finish turns and secure with a dab of Wapsi Head Cement to make sure your wraps don't come undone on the water!

Just like that, you have yourself a perfect winter dry fly. When midges are on the water think Griffith's Gnat. While at first glance this fly doesn’t really appear to be a great imitation of one of the smallest insects on the water, when midges hatch heavily, they tend to cluster together in the current to create a more significant meal for hungry trout. When fished in combination with a more realistic midge or mayfly nymph as a dropper some amazing fishing can be had. It is the ultimate technical micro dry-dropper rig.

If you are looking for more information on how to tie the Griffiths gnat you can watch a step-by-step video below! Oh, and if you are looking to have this fly in your box but not looking to tie your own you click "ADD TO CART" below.

Tools To Tie The Griffith's Gnat

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